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On Thursday March 23rd, a bicyclist was fatally struck by a car in Middletown, Rhode Island.  While the entire situation is still under investigation, this is obviously a sad and extremely unfortunate event.  This case is one where the victim was faced with the worst outcome, but numerous other accidents occur every day where people do fortunately survive.  Attorney Steven A. Robinson has a wealth of knowledge and experience with Personal Injury cases, providing the best defense for clients in auto accidents, construction injuries, catastrophic injuries and more.  When you are hurt, especially by no fault of your own, it is important to have strong legal defense on your side.  We all wish that we lived in a world where these obstacles never occurred, but since that is not the case, it is key to at least know and be aware of the right attorney that will fight for what you deserve.


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Take a look at the new page for our Service Areas.  From here you can see each Rhode Island County that Attorney Robinson provides legal defense for, as well as the specific towns and cities within them.  We hope to be your choice should you need any family law or personal injury defense.

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We all run into misfortunes in life, whether it be personal injury, family dilemmas, or certain financial situations.  However, when you need an Attorney on your side, Steven A. Robinson is a dependable and successful choice who is truly invested in your case.  Follow our blog for news, updates and other information regarding Family Law and Steven A. Robinson’s practice, and contact us at any time for help today!

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